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Mackenzie is an intuitive healing practitioner, an embodiment mentor, food freedom coach & space holder. She struggled deeply in her relationship with food & body image for well over a decade. She found herself constantly looking outside of herself for answers thinking the next diet she tried would be the answer to fill the void she felt inside. She struggled immensely with binge eating, food cravings, chronic dieting, debilitating body shame, self punishing exercise and food restriction. It wasn't until she went to school to study eating psychology & mind body nutrition that she really realized that her struggles were not really about food at all... they were connected to something much deeper that a diet would never address. Once she connected the dots and began really healing the root of the issues, her relationship to food, her body and her self completely transformed... the extra weight she had been carrying shed off with no effort whatsoever, her impulse to binge eat dissipated and she has found home within herself and continues to share this with others through her work. This wisdom and experience is something she is deeply passionate about sharing with other people who are in a similar place that she was in with food. She believes no one should have to to struggle through this alone especially when there are very real solutions and pathways to healing ALL of it.